My name is Ashraf (aka:asdacap)

Muhammad Amirul Ashraf bin Mohamad Fauzi
Yes its quite a long name, I know. Just call me Ashraf

Who I am Background story time!

Hi, my name is Muhammad Amirul Ashraf bin Mohamad Fauzi. Call me Ashraf. I'm a programmer. I started learning programming somewhere around the year 2007 when I got access to The Internet. I studied Computer Science at a local university here in Malaysia, graduated 2017. Used to be active in competitive programming. I started working as a freelancer during my University years, working on web based system, usually PHP or Ruby based. Sometime later I worked full time on .Net based system and eventually Go. I love experimenting with new stuff. I code anything I could get my (metaphorical and literal) hands on from API-server, browser based application, mobile apps, iot, arduinos etc. But professionally I'm a web developer. I'm not good with artworks, or making things visually pleasing. Oh look! I dropped my CV.

Spoken Language
Malay, English
Marital Status
Single :-(
Where am I
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Known Programming Language
Hmm... I guess most popular imperative programming language. Knew a bit of Haskell, and some Elixir.
Favourite Programming Language
Go, then Kotlin
Favourite Editor
Right now, I'm using Intellij with emacs keybinding and IdeaVIM plugin. Trying spacemacs now...
Favourite Operating System
Not Windows. Usually an Ubuntu 18.04 on my desktop. The performance of my macbook is quite poor.

What I do Things that I'm good at.

Website Backend

  • Dynamically generated HTML, or JSON.
  • Things that involve databases/redis/streams
  • Prefer using Go.. really, any statically typed language over a dynamically typed one.
  • Fresh out of Go and .Net. But I spend most of my career writing Rails application.

Clientside Javascript

  • Respond to "Make this move, drag this to this so that this will happen.".
  • Most of my experience is with ReactJS sometimes with Redux or MobX.
  • Loved Angular, but its just... too much.
  • Worked with AngularJS before.

Mobile Apps

  • Mainly with React Native.
  • Can do native Android too but very slowly.
  • Can't do native iOS.

What I don't do Things that I'm not good at.

What I did That worth mentioning and can be mentioned.


Central Management system for a fleet of AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle)

Automatic IIUM Schedule Formatter/Maker

iiumschedule screenshot

It is some tools that help IIUM student with their course schedule. Backend is made with flask, and frontend uses jQuery, BackboneJs and Angularjs.

Contest Management System

iiumschedule screenshot

Modified the original CMS to fit the needs of IIUM Code Jam.

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